There's a lot of values we attribute to men - hard work, loyalty, diligence, and grit to name a few. But there's a few things we often let slide by - like self-care. Though we value things like confidence and attention to detail, we usually down-play men taking those steps to fulfill these values in their own lives. 

At Woodsman, we strongly believe in our store values. We focus on eco-friendly goods. Supporting American makers and creators. We only bring in durable goods we trust and can stand behind. And when we bring in things like pomade, beard oil, body wash, or lotion - we want our customers to be enriched by what they find in our shop.

Maybe it's the confidence to walk in that next meeting with an extra oomph in your step. Maybe it's breaking your routine and trying a new style. Or maybe it's realizing that our health and longevity matter to our family and loved ones - and things like our skin do matter to our overall health.

Here's our picks at the shop for a great daily grooming routine to help the men that come through the store to look great, feel great, and live a healthier life.

To start with, what are you using to clean up in the shower? Most guys opt out of an extensive routine for washing up - so we strongly recommend the Shampoo + Body Wash from Hardworking Gentlemen. The Pinewood scent is a great fragrance and the soap contains aloe which is great for the skin! It's also sulfate free. paraben free, phthalate free, and gluten free which means it's about as natural as a mountain lake in the Rockies. 

This one comes straight from the top with Gaylon putting his own personal recommendation on it after using this in his own grooming regiment since getting them in.

One thing men often overlook is the importance of moisturizing their skin. Not only will keeping your skin moisturized and regularly getting vitamins reduce redness, it'll also prolong aging. One thing I think all men can get behind! This Body Lotion from Botanico de Havana not only has an amazing clean citrus fragrance, it also is packed with joba esters, sugar cane, pineapple and orange oil which deliver lots of great vitamins and nutrients as well as antioxidants.

This lotion has been a personal favorite at the shop. We have a tester always ready and find ourselves regularly snagging some for ourselves. The fragrances from their candles to this body lotion always brings in compliments as customers walk in to the shop!

For hair styling, Gaylon has been trying these two different methods and honestly have been loving both. First, we have some great medium paste from Hardworking Gentlemen featuring that pinewood scent. It's great at styling hair without it being too firm, stuck, and greasy looking. Having tried other pomades and paste, this is the best he's used.

The other option is the recent hairspray we got in from Phylloma. The Hairspray is about as natural as it can possibly get. It relies solely on botanical extracts, essential oils, and non-toxic preservatives. Spraying this in while styling your hair also gives a great hold without the stiffness, and the Rosemary + Litsea scent is a great fragrance!

For our customers who have beards - caring for facial hair is crucial. There's a huge difference between a kept and unkept beard or mustache. Additionally, those hairs are needing vitamins and nutrients just like your skin. 

We get compliments time and time again on the Oxhide scent from the Clad Stache. Made in Oklahoma, this local beard oil is packed with vitamins and nutrients from the organic ingredients used. A blend of Coconut, Babassu, and Sunflower Oils with added Vitamin E - it's completely organic and smells awesome.

For the gentlemen who like a clean cut look - we love Emerson Park's new fragrance for their fall collection. It's clean, refreshing, and has an undertone that makes you feel like you hopped out of the barbershop and straight into the woods.

Their shaving cream and aftershave are amazing and we've been getting nothing but raving reviews from our customers about it. We always put these recommendations up their for shaving regiments to keep skin healthy, avoid redness and bumps, and to help create a confident glow. 

On track with our mission to always carry hand-made American goods - we're excited to be carrying these amazing combs from Chicago Comb Company. Durable and solid, these feel like legacy pieces you'd find in your grandpas drawers opposed to a cheap plastic piece you'd snag from your local big-box chain. We highly recommend a good comb that will hold up but also help keep your style and confidence growing.

Lastly, most men understand the importance of a good cologne. This BlueGrass fragrance from EastWest Bottlers out of Tennessee is a classic, traditional cologne fragrance that'll help you smell like a million bucks. This one is a store favorite from our customers to our staff. We always recommend it - from its American roots and heritage to the fragrance it delivers!

Again there's a million things we can carry in the shop and make our living. But a good grooming regiment goes into our fundamental belief in bettering our customers by encouraging the men that come in to take better care of themselves through their hair and skin. Beyond just giving confidence, most of us are begging for vitamins and nutrients to replenish our hair and skin. And just like we focus on taking care of our planet, we also want to stress the importance of taking care of ourselves.

We have all of these products online ready to ship to your doorstep, but if you're in the area we'd love for you to stop by and try the fragrances out for yourselves!