This past weekend, we were thrilled to welcome Brett South out to the store for a knife forging demonstration. At our shop, we love to carry quality handcrafted goods especially from local makers. Brett, who is a police officer for The Village, forges through his own unique process with his amazing steel blades.

Brett's journey started roughly 3 years ago after finding inspiration from the show "Forged in Fire." From the initial spark, Brett along with another officer began learning the blade forging process. The forging process is tasking but the time spent learning your craft is even more so rewarding. We learned that in his time spent, Brett has crafted 250+ blades which average 12 hours a blade!

Not only did we learn the steps it takes to forge a blade, but Brett used two varieties of reclaimed metals to demonstrate. One being a 2 inch section of a suspension spring and the other being a railroad tie! Don't forget to check out our collection of Brett South's knives in store and follow up on Social Media to stay in touch with Rustique Forge and updates from our store!