Fly fishing first began to grow in England in the 15th Century. Since then, it's spread all over the planet and quickly became engrained into American outdoor culture. Often fly fishing is associated with mountain streams and rivers in far off places, but our state of Oklahoma has a few fisheries that have brought trout into our state and also have plenty of neighboring states where to cast from!

Fly fishing is comprised of a artificial fly, fly line, and fly rod. The weight of the line carries the hook opposed to normal spin and bait fishing which relies of lures and sinkers. Artificial flies are made up of hair, feathers, fur, and other natural and synthetic materials. Looking like insects, crustaceans, or small bait fish at the surface - the flies draw fish up to the surface.

Normally, fly fishing is thought about in relations to fish like trout, salmon, or graylings. However, fly fishing has also become used for pike, bass, and carp as well as saltwater fish like redfish, tarpon, and striped bass.

In Oklahoma, we have two rivers that are stocked regularly by fisheries with trout. The Lower Mountain Fork River in Broken Bow offers some great places to fly fish with lots of outfitters nearby to get equipment and hire guides. In fact, there's a fly shop in Beavers Bend State Park. The other river that gets stocked actively is the Lower Illinois River in Talequah. Both rivers are stocked weekly or bi-weekly and have thousands of trout running down its waterways. 

Nearby to our home state, we have great places to cast all around us! Our personal favorite is the Buffalo River in Arkansas. It not only has a great river that has easy places to pitch a tent and spend the weekend, but is super close to Hot Springs which makes for a great weekend out with the family.

Below us in Texas, there's the Blanco River and Rio Grande that offer great fly fishing opportunities. Additionally, there's plenty of other rivers to choose from, but those are the two we've heard some high praise for.

In New Mexico, there's the San Juan River near Utah and Arizona, Red River near Taos and Santa Fe, and the Upper Pecos River which is a great stop on the way to White Sands National Monument. All make for a great weekend trip with the family with plenty of great  spots to get outside and also places to grab a bite and spend the night that offer a little more comforts than a sleeping bag.

And if you go up to the Rocky Mountains, there's amazing rivers throughout the Rockies. The ones we've been recommended were the South Platte River south of Denver, Indian Peaks Wilderness, and Upper Colorado River which is near Breckenridge!

We're also super excited to be offering a fly tying and coffee tasting workshop on November 3rd at 3:30PM at Eote Coffee! Tickets are $75 and you'll be taking home a fly tying kit, bag of Eote coffee, flies you made at the workshop, and plenty of other goodies from our shop! Be sure to get your tickets and bring some friends to enjoy this awesome class taught by Scissortail Outfitters!

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